Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's morning and there are whizzing thoughts in my head.

In exactly thirty minutes, I will be helping my church-friend with her adopted toddler again, and I just had a crazy thought. Both me and that little girl were born into a world where internet was pretty much a constant. The "superhighway" is here and it's not going away. So, I know there are people who are pretty old (like 65+) that already blog. And I know there are some parents who blog about their kids from pretty much day one. What if, someday, there are seniors with blogs who didn't start their blogs when they were seniors. What if these people had been blogging pretty much their whole life? Or what if a blog could be a family heirloom someday?
So, that just struck me as an interesting possibility. Usually, it actually annoys me when people start talking about how different things are these days, or the overwhelming repercussions of growing technology. Those topics can be really boring or saturated with Pollyanna-like enthusiasm, but when you have what feels like a personal revelation, it's hard to keep it in, huh? 

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