Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's been a big, long, exhausting, oppressive week.

This week I've been working at a daycare run by my school every summer. I worked there for two weeks last year and had loads of fun, but this year was kind of horrible (just absolutely horrible).

For starters, I was only assigned one week, instead of two, and therefor got less payment. For another, this was the last week of the program, meaning that massive amounts of cleaning and a "DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET THIS SHIT DONE" attitude were the most defining characteristics of the whole week. And, perhaps most awfully, I was assigned to work with the four-year-olds the entire week.

I don't like toddlers too much. One-on-one, I'm fine. That's why I love to babysit for my church friend. But for this entire week, I've been drowning in a sea of toddlers. That's a particularly turbulent sea. It doesn't help that they're not yet fully articulate, either. I hate to deal with a crying child when it's impossible to know why he or she is crying. And then, of course, in any given group of toddlers, there are a few set personalities that more resemble personality disorders than any person's disposition.

You've got Anger Management Kid:
and The Kid Who Doesn't Know His Own Name:

(Seriously, his name was "Charles" on the class list, and it was written on his shirt, but he still didn't get it.)
You've also got Not Potty-trained Guy:
And Inseparable Girls:
And That Sneaky Kid:
Not to mention Bratty Children and Children That Don't Take Naps Ever and all sorts of other Crazy Kids. So yeah, it was tiring.

But now, I have enough money for a tricycle!
I can get one that folds!
And one with a basket!
So things are gonna be great!

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