Saturday, May 26, 2012

All-Nighters and most-nighters and why I'm not dead

I'm really lazy. I know it, everyone knows it. My mom, my dad, anyone who has ever had to work with me or has commissioned art from me knows good-and-goddamned-well that I'm about as lazy as you can get. And it's ok; I do chores and stuff, and get things done (eventually), and all in all, aside from the odd day spent in bed, I do what I should.

I also procrastinate. Is procrastination a symptom or cause of laziness? I don't know. I'll find out later.

That was a pretty cheap joke.

But I have stories about laziness and procrastination that are just craaaaaaazy (not really), and a little fun (not fun).

Like the time when I was a freshman and I had a Latin presentation to make that I had had a month to do, and then I spent that month not doing it. And then I scrambled on the night before it was due to find four sources and make the twenty-slide power point on Roman architecture and draw a blueprint of a Roman villa, and by the time I was done it was thirty minutes past when I would normally wake up, and I had twenty left to take a bath and get out of the house, and I cried because goddamnit the only reason I did this stupid architecture project is because I thought I could channel my architect grandfather's spirit and make it easier!!!!

But you shouldn't blame me for making that excuse, because I was sleep-deprived at the time. At least I got to sleep through Geometry, because I hated that class sooooo muuuch. 

Then when I was a happy apple-cheeked sophomore, I told myself I'd buckle down and do what I was supposed to, and so when I was charged with doing another project that involved power points and word processors and four sources and drawing, I decided I'd get a head start on that one. So I played with the themes and colors and font for an hour and left all the research to the night before it was due. And then I stayed up until two trying to finish, and I did finish.

And I hate microsoft products as a result, because I put the picture there, why don't you keep it there and stop moving it down and to the right!!!! That particular fuck-up cost me (I'm not kidding) 2 hours of time just trying to put the stupid picture where it belonged.

The point is, I procrastinate. I had a blog before this that I procrastinated on so much that it disappeared, and so if I don't show up someday, I've either decided I just don't feel like it, or else I'm just not coming back.

But I promise I won't be dead. Maybe.

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